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Anna Lotte is a visual artist and performer.
In her work musical performances establish a dialogue with visual elements and installations.

She graduated two years ago from the art academy in The Hague and is dedicated to her art in sounds

By the rhetorics of rhythm and voice the audience becomes immersed in the sound, leaving the audience in a hypnotic state.
the space remains while the objects carry the weight of the past sounds.
The sound of purity and simplicity are taken to a different level by repeating and layering.

Interactive installations exploring ideas of attention, spectatorship and social relations accompany the space,
creating an environment on which the border between the artist, performer and the work itself dissipates.


For contact or questions you can email me to:





Relevant activities and exhibitions

29/03/19 EP release at PaardCafé - Den Haag
13/02/19 De Helling, café, Utrecht
16/01/19 Moira - Utrecht

09/12/18 Muziek bij de buren with Roos Marijn Peperkamp - Arnhem
02/11/18 Maakhaven - Den Haag
17/10/18 Rotown open - Rotterdam
27/09/18 Sealab 200 by the Sea - Scheveningen
22/09/18 FutureFarm Festival - Amsterdam
15/09/18 HE:LEEN Expeditie Rotsoord - Utrecht

08/07/18 Struinen in de Tuinen - Utrecht
08/07/18 Loeren bij de Boeren - 't Goy
01/07/18 My Own Garden Festival - The Hague
                 with:  Maria, Jellymeat, Able Noise, Bauwien, Andreas Saul Andersen, Anna Lotte
28/06/18 Cultuur de la Creme - Omroep Houten - Houten

21/06/18 Finale Krachtvoer - Houten - Winner!!
01/06/18 Voorronde Krachtvoer - Houten
24/05/18 Schemerlicht - Roos Marijn Peperkamp with Anna Lotte - Arnhem
18/04/18 Quiet is the new Loud - Popcultuur Wageningen
11/04/18 Taste of music - Omroep Zuidplas - Nieuwerkerk aan den ijssel
15/03/18 SON of PAN - Anna Lotte & Bauwien at PIP expo The Hague
27/01/18 Sofarsounds The Hague
2018 - January's one week recording session at NautaMix
2017 - Performance at shop opening Heet Strijken
2017 - Performing at Itchy Tongue Royal Music Festival 
2017 - Support of Mahalia at Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht
2017 - Performing and exhibiting at Nest Young Art Event
2016 - Exhibition “A pursuit of the ungraspable” WKNDX at Electron, Breda
2016 - Exhibition “Graduation Festival 2016” Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag
2016 - Research publication “Echtheid in zijn waarde”
2016 - Exhibition Megastores Den Haag “As close to black as blue can be” Curated by Ad de Jong
2016 - Participant book publication “Bring Your Change”, curated by Ad de Jong
2015 - Chairman Stichting Eindexamenprojekten KABK
2015 - Performance workshop en presentation with Marijn Brussaard in Theater aan het Spui “Zaal 3” Den Haag
2015 - Exhibition OT301 Amsterdam “Prismbreak”
2015 - Inteview by Art Academy Archive
2015 - Exhibition Sis Josip Galerie Den Haag “Antropa Belladona”
2015 - Exhibition bezetting Maagdenhuis Amsterdam “Bloody Mary”
2014 - Winner AR-Lab exhibition, best procject, Den Haag